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Advice, Guitar Straps -

So. You've got yourself an acoustic guitar, and you have your self a guitar strap. In many cases however, you'll find that your acoustic guitar only has one strap button, on the 'body end' of the guitar. So where do you attach the other end of your leather guitar strap? There are two ways to attach the other end of the guitar strap. One is pretty hands off, but rather more ineffective than the alternative, which requires a small amount of DIY but works a treat! The Simple (yet not recommended) way to attach a guitar strap... Someone once said that...

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Advice, Guitar Lead -

I'm constantly surprised when I go to watch bands in pubs and smaller venues, at how many people are using really poor guitar leads. Its not uncommon to see people with guitars worth hundreds (sometimes thousands of pounds) and an amp also worth several hundreds (again, sometimes worth 4 figures) but using cheap, flimsy and usually noisy cables linking them. And thats before we get into pedals and pedal boards too! So when we break it down and think about it, you can spend all the money in the world on guitars and amps. If you can't cleanly get the sound...

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