About Us

Our brands were born from our background as musical retailers. Having sold many of the so called 'Big Brands' in the past, we became extremely frustrated at poor product experiences you had as users, and the experiences we had as a retailer.

In many cases, the fault rate in some of these 'big brands' was a major cause of concern, given the premium the brand was charging for the product bearing their name.

So No Bull Music Gear, Malani and Nordell were born - we were sure we could do something to better the dated approach of the big brands.

With any brand from the Dangleberry Music stable, you can expect:

  • Fast, UK-based Support
    Our offices are in-country, and manned by everyday Yorkshire folk.
  • Excellent Value for Money
    Many of the 'big brands' use their well known name to charge much more than a product is worth. None of that here, sir. The price you will pay for our brand will be related to the quality of the item, not the reputation of the brand name.
  • Quality Products
    Everyone at Dangleberry Music is actively involved in the world of playing live music very regularly. When we think about products, we think about them as a musician. We road test - a lot. If it doesn't make the grade, it doesn't get to wear one of our brand names.

Keep on rockin'
Team Dangleberry