Nordell Deluxe Keyboard Stool

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5 reasons you need this keyboard bench seat over any other...

  • Its really comfortable - with 5cm of comfy padding on a seat measuring a whopping 59cm x 31cm, it's very comfortable for kids and adults alike
  • It's Adjustable - this seat has a 16cm of height adjustment. Starting from 50cm, the height can be increased in 3cm increments up to a maximum height of 65cm.
  • It's really easy to adjust - pull back the two 'quick release' sliding bolts, move the leg into its new height position, let go. Done in seconds.
  • It's portable - quite often X stands are a real pain to fold down, meaning they take up tons of room when going to gigs/band practices. With the pull on two 'quick release' bolts, you can fold it flat so it doesn't take up oodles of room in the car!
  • Its really well made So much so that we give a free 5 year warranty. Manufactured from 30mm x 20mm steel section, with 30mm round section legs, finished off with rubber pads to prevent damage to your floor. Capable of comfortably holding up to 17.5 stone in weight.

Which leaves the question - why would spend time looking around for any other seat?!