Nordell Professional Braided Guitar Cables

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Why these are the guitar cables of choice for thousands...

Here's why you need these Nordell Audio Braided Guitar leads in your setup:

  1. They keep your sound intact
    This high grade oxygen-free copper guitar cable won't eat away at your tone, noiseless guitar cable means that (unlike cheaper cables) you won't get that awful 'rattling' sound degrading your sound everytime you move around. Gold plated tips aid conductivity to keep your signal strong.

  2. You'll never have to dispose of a guitar lead
    Lifetime warranty on every cable? No problem.Your Nordell Cable is a friend for life. Think how much money you'll save...

  3. You can't rip the cable from the plug when someone stands on your guitar lead
    It can happen when you play live. Singer stands on your guitar lead while you're moving around, your cheap cable rips away from the plug, then no-one can hear you. Nordell cables are automatically gripped by the internal mechanism of jack plug, meaning they won't rip away. Other cables which use 'spring cable relief (basically a spring stuck out of the plug) tend to lose the spring quickly, then the lead is very easy to rip away from the plug.

  4. They look awesome!
    Braided guitar cables just look cool. 'Nuff said!

  5. Tens of thousands of people can't be wrong
    We've sold tons of these cables and everyone loves them!

Which leaves only one question - why would you buy any other cable?