Nordell 'Pro Trigger' Capo

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Join the army of musicians who rely on Nordell Capos to deliver everytime...

Whether you're playing down the local boozer, or onstage in front of thousands of people, its nice to have gear which just works - which is exactly what this capo does. And it works REALLY well. With this capo - you will get:

Great tuning every time: The angled compression string helps to apply the tension more evenly across all the strings - rather than focusing on the bass side of the strings which, by design, most trigger capo's concentrate on.
Fast capo changes: The simple design makes it easy to change capo position (or take the capo on and off) even during a song in less than a second.
No damage: With silicon padding on all of the points where the capo contacts the guitar, your neck edge/fingerboard will receive no damage when fitting/moving/removing it. The silicon is guaranteed not to play havoc with any guitar lacquers.
Reliability: Its really well made. The ultra-strong aluminium alloy body, and high-carbon steel spring take care of the build quality. Rest assured that it will serve you well.
Lifetime Warranty: Nordell are so sure that it will serve you well, that you get a liifetime warranty against manufacturing defects!

For a limited time, you'll receive - completely FREE OF CHARGE - a link to our downloadable 4-page 'Getting Started with Alternate Tunings' guide when you buy this capo!

So - your search is over! Snap one up now!