No Bull Guitar Wall Hangers

  • Regular price £17.99

In a nutshell....

  • Made to a high standard, not made to a price
  • Lifetime Warranty!
  • Padding won't reaction with certain finishes found on some guitars. Cheaper stands can eat away at the finish.
  • Holder rotates to accommodate thinner headstocks such as Telecasters.
  • Fits almost any guitar - except headless Steinbergs!
  • Please note: Due to the numerous types of surfaces that these hangers can be attached to (and therefore numerous types of fixings you may need) , we don't supply and plugs/screws - only the hangers. You will need to obtain the correct fixings for the surface you intend to mount the hangers on

Avoid the most common mistake with wall hangers...

There are tons of cheap wall hangers kicking around - and to be fair some are reasonable quality - though some of the poorer specimens are made of plastic as opposed to the powder coated metal hangers you are looking at here. far the most important consideration is whether or not the hanger will damage your guitars finish - cheap padding has damaged many an expensive guitar by eating away at the finish. We 100% guarantee that this will not happen with these hangers. If you choose another hanger, we highly recommend that you seek the same assurances - for the sake of a couple of quid more, you could save your instrument from some horrible damage! We've also covered them with a lifetime warranty!

Standing out 7cm from the wall (to the back of the hanging circle), they are suitable for most Electric & Acoustic Guitars & Basses.