Nordell 'SleepEasy' Foam Earplugs

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Discover the secret to finally getting more quiet in your life!

While the aim of Ear Plugs is to lessen the noise around you, no earplug will result in total silence. Plug you ears up too much, and the internal sound of your breathing becomes more intrusive than the external sound you're trying to block out. These earplugs are the best balance between external and internal noise.

However, ill-fitted ear plugs will not work to their full potential. For that reason, you can use our fitting video (the link to the video is on the sticker which seals the box lid closed).

What our customers say....

"I am an extremely light sleeper which doesn't help and the slightest noise wakes me. I enjoyed night after blissful night of peaceful, unbroken sleep with these."

"When inserted, my motorbike engine and road noise is greatly reduced, but not to a point I am unable to hear what's going on around me - which can only help protect my hearing!"

"If you or your partner snores, these do the trick"


Add to your Basket NOW to cutting out some of that noise!

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