Malani MCT-01 Clip-On Tuner

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<p>This Clip-On Ukulele Tuner by Malani was chosen for one reason...</p>
<p>For tuning Ukulele's - this tuner is quite simply the best. Simple as that.</p>
<p>The guys at Malani tried out loads of tuners from various manufacturers, all professing to tune everything really well. But in the real world, this one really excelled for Ukes. So for tuning Ukuleles, this tuner is the most accurate one that Malani could
<p>As a brucey bonus, its fully chromatic and it is possible to tune virtually any instrument - and tunes them really well too. But for tuning the frequencies which a Ukulele needs tuning to - WINNER. Hands down.</p>
<p>Which leaves only one question. What are you waiting for?!<br></p>

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