Malani Exotic Series Ukuleles

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Ready to take your ukulele playing to the next level? Need a high quality, affordable ukulele?

If so, we have the answer here for you! All the Ukuleles in the Malani Exotic series feature great quality materials and parts.

Malani have only one aim - to make you professional quality Ukuleles, at prices to suit the everyday player. And that's it.

We could tell you how they streamline their operations to ensure that prices are kept low. And tell you how they source materials responsibly, and how they ensure great quality control. If you really wanted, we could tell you what breakfast cereals they all like. (For the record, its anything chocolatey!) But it still boils down to the same thing.

Professional quality Ukuleles, at prices to suit the everyday player.


Type: Soprano Ukulele
Series: Exotic
Finish Material:
Zebrawood - Spalted Maple - Birdseye Maple
Finish: Satin
Binding: Pin Stripe Purfling
Range: Soprano
Scale Length: 13.5" (33cm)
Total Length: 21" (53cm)
Depth At Base: 5.9cm
Depth At Neck: 5.1cm
Width Lower Body: 16.4cm
Width Upper body: 12.8cm


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