Malani Deluxe Ukulele Bags

  • Regular price £24.99

5 reasons why you will love these Ukulele gig bags....

  • It'll help to protect your Ukulele if it falls over with it's 10mm padding.
  • It'll protect your Ukulele from water damage in the rain.
  • It'll help stop your Uke from being knocked out of tune while you transport it.
  • It'll look extremely cool while it does it - like a miniature guitar case!
  • It'll store your picks and spare strings in the zip pocket.

What it won't do....

  • It certainly won't mop the bathroom floor for you, but...
  • It won't cost you the earth.
  • It won't scratch your instrument as the internal lining is smooth.

You'll have to be quick though, you won't find many bags of this quality at this price for long!

  • Fits nearly all traditional shape Ukuleles.
  • Black showerproof outer.
  • Zip pocket.
  • Rucksack carry handles on the back.
  • Very well padded with 10mm of padding!

Internal Dimensions

  • Soprano Ukulele Gig Bag: Total Length 57cm, Lower Bout 21cm, Upper Bout 19cm, Total Depth 9cm
  • Concert Ukulele Gig Bag: Total Length 62cm, Lower Bout 22cm, Upper Bout 20cm, Total Depth 9cm
  • Tenor Ukulele Gig Bag: Total Length 67cm, Lower Bout 24cm, Upper Bout 23cm, Total Depth 9cm
  • Baritone Ukulele Gig Bag: Total Length 77cm, Lower Bout 28cm, Upper Bout 26cm, Total Depth 9cm