Nordell Ultra Soft Leather Guitar Strap

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Here's why thousands of people already chose this leather guitar strap...

Because as far as real leather guitar straps go - these straps tick a lot of boxes.

  • Quality of both workmanship and materials - these guitar straps are made of real leather. They're not inferior faux/imiation/plastic/pretend leather guitar straps. Not just any real leather either - the finest ultra soft italian leather. Hand stitched to exacting standards right here in the UK. Because of this, they're very strong - just what you want when you're hanging your pride and joy from it!
  • Comfort - these leather guitar straps have a middle layer of soft padding, which means they're really, really comfortable. I have back problems and even with a weighty Les Paul, these leather straps keep everything comfy.
  • Practical - Length adjustable in 8 steps to suit most styles: 97cm at its shortest, to 130cm at its longest. The suede underside helps prevent 'slip' (where your guitar ends up horizontal due to headstock weight)

Are there cheaper leather guitar straps out there? Yes, but they're not usually very comfortable. Are there more expensive leather guitar straps out there? Yes - but usually they're more expensive because they have a well known brand name printed on them. These guitar straps are the best of both worlds - you get a very well made strap, suitable for all guitars (all makes and models of electric guitars and electric bass guitars, plus all acoustic, semi-acoustic and electro-acoustic guitars) but you're not paying for a famous brand name. NB: If using this leather guitar strap on an acoustic guitar, and your acoustic guitar only has one strap button, you'll need a piece of cord to tie the strap around the headstock.

  • Not the cheapest leather guitar strap, but the best value
  • No famous brand name to pay extra money for
  • Ultra Soft Italian Leather with padding
  • Extendable from Minimum Length: 97cm to Maximum Length: 130cm
  • Width: 6cm
  • Thickness: 6mm
  • Material: Italian Leather

They make a really good gift for the guitarist in your life - especially if that guitarist is YOU. Snap one up now!