Nordell Microphone Reflection Filter

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Give yourself clearer, noise-free vocal recordings in one easy step!

With this reflection screen you get:

Versatility: The patented hinged 'locking' system lets you adjust splaying & scope easily - to perfectly suit both the environment you're in, and the microphone you're using. Its lightweight aluminium construction keeps it nice and light, and it attaches to almost any conventional microphone stand/holder.

Better recordings: The high density foam ensures that as much sound as possible never makes it back to the front of the microphone.

Portability: The 'Foldable' design means it folds down smaller than other filters - handy for both storage and transportation.

In short - the NMS-1 gives you clearer, drier vocal recordings. With its curved design, you position the mic inside the screen and sing into the screen. Any sound which passes by your mic is absorbed, rather than flying across the room, only to bounce back and be picked up by the microphone again. This gets rid of some of the natural 'room sound' and unwanted echo which cannot be removed afterwards. This in turn can drastically improve your recordings, even in rooms which aren't perfectly suited for vocal recording

The microphone holder is adjustable for both depth and height - making it suitable for of all types of microphones (even large-diaphragm microphones)

  • Mountable on most conventional microphone stands
  • 3/8" and 5/8" thread adapter for stands and microphone holders
  • Height adjustable to fit to different microphone types
  • High quality soundproofing material (various types of soundproofing foams + aluminium sheets)
  • Rugged construction (light metal frame)
  • Dimensions fully open (W x D x H): 44cm x 19cm x 30cm
  • Dimensions Closed (W x D x H) 27.5cm x 13cm x 30cm

Clean up your vocal sound - buy one before we run out!