Nordell Horizontal Guitar Wall Hanger

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Protect that large investment which you already made...

Musical instruments don't come cheap. Fortunately, reducing the chance of damaging them while you're not playing them, does.

Different stands work for different applications. Floor stands are great when you're playing live, however they all come with the inherent danger that some clumsy oaf (be it audience or fellow band member!) knocks them over. You've not many other choices in a live environment though - you can't really take a drill and wall mount your guitar!

So outside of a gigging environment, a wall mount is by far the safest option.

Here's 5 reasons why these wall hangers rock:

Puts your instrument out of harms way (from kids, pets, drunk house guests etc)
It's always just there - without running upstairs, getting the case from under your bed, and getting the instrument out
• Having it 'just there' automatically increase the likelihood that you'll play it. If it's not hidden away for protections sake, you'll play it more, and the better you'll become at playing it!
• The Neoprene padding is guaranteed not to react with any lacquer/finish
• You're covered for any manufacturing defects on the stand - forever! Yup, you read that right - a lifetime warranty!

Due to the numerous types of surfaces that these hangers can be attached to (and therefore numerous types of fixings you may need), we don't supply and wall plugs/screws - only the hangers. You will need to obtain the correct fixings for the surface you intend to mount the hangers on.

Wait no longer. There are no reasons not to keep your instrument safe.

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