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Don’t panic, Mr Mannering!…. Business as Usual!

Our eCommerce website which was previously hosted here has been temporarily closed. We are still very much open for business, retailing via Amazon and eBay. As our website has always been a pretty small source of income for us, we are currently assessing whether to even relaunch our own eCommerce store on or not.

So where has your eCommerce Store gone?
We previously utilised Amazon’s Webstore platform. This was a system whereby Amazon provided the back end software for us to have our own branded website – they just provided the ‘behind the scenes’ platform to manage it. Sadly, they chose to discontinue the service. As of May 1st 2016, they just switched off any remaining stores.

Sadly our web ‘people’ had not sorted everything as they promised, so many people were faced with Amazon’s ‘this store is closed’ message.

You can still contact us here, we’ll still provide the same super-fast service.

Keep on danglin’ those berries!
Mark & Scott
(Co-owners, Guitarists, Regular Guys)