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Yellow Ukulele Starter Kit: Ukulele (Uke) plus Tuition DVD, Bag and Felt Pick

Yellow Ukulele Starter Kit: Ukulele (Uke) plus Tuition DVD, Bag and Felt Pick
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Product Details

This great starter pack contains everything you could possibly need to start on the Uke!

Firstly - beware of the Friction machineheads found on other Ukuleles - these invariably go out of tune within seconds and end up causing no end of problems. Our Ukulele's come with proper geared machineheads, the same as on a guitar. This instantly eliminates a few potential problems.This beauty is also made of wood (beware of cheap plastic imitations), and comes with a matching Nylon Gig Bag, tutorial DVD, felt pick and Pitch Pipes! All for that price? We must be crazy!

Great fun for all ages, yet good enough for 'serious' use?!

Vital Statistics

  • UKE
  • Rather fetching 'Fruit' print pattern!
  • Scale Length: 13.5"
  • Geared tuning heads - beware of cheap friction heads
  • Total Length: 21"
  • Fun to Play
  • Clear and bright sounding
  • Maple Body
  • Mahogany Neck

  • Fits the Uke like a glove, in the same colour as the Uke

  • DVD
  • Comes with full website support - free web membership!
  • Ideal from complete beginner to intermediate
  • Sections covered: Parts of the Uke, Background, Tuning the Uke, Holding correctly, 2 Basic Chords, Your 1st Song, More Chords, Complete song progressions, Finger Picking progressions, Fingernail Raking, Single Note melodies, Complete song example, the 1-4-5 progressions.

  • Easy tuning system - blow down the whole for the string you wish to tune, and match the string to the note from the pipes! Easy!
  • Tunes strings to G, C, E or A

  • Err....its a felt pick. About 5mm thick!

  • Suitable for: Anyone who's after learning the Uke!
  • Materials: Nickel Roundwound
  • Notable Features: Wood construction, not cheapo plastic! Actual guitar machineheads which work properly! Tutorial DVD, Pitch Pipes and Pick inc!
  • Dimensions: Full Length: 53cm, Body Length: 24cm, Scale Length: 13.5"
  • Length: Scale Length: 13.5", Overall length: 21"
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